For those of you curious what I’m taking to stay healthy & happy through this season…

I am still thriving through life’s difficulties by using holistic means. If you’re suffering from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc I highly recommend trying a natural approach prior to modern medicine that will inevitably cause you side effects & organ damage.

Furthermore what I take not only boost my immune system to keep me well through cold & flu season, it’s also shown to have cancer fighting & other illness fighting properties! Bonus! 😉👍🙌

Every morning I take…
🌹Magnesium (good for people who suffer with migraines too & this super vitamin helps your body absorb all the other good ones you take)
🌹Ashwagandga (if you have anxiety be careful with this one. I’ve learned just taking one in the morning boosts my brain but more than that can contribute to anxiety. So I get all its cancer fighting goodness & its help with combating stress in the body but dosage was key for me).
🌹Liver detox- supports liver health (duh😉) (for anyone who takes prescription meds or drinks alcohol or in general needs to purge toxic junk from their bodies, this is vital in your life).
🌹Vitamin D (I take at least 5000 IU a day to keep my immunities fighting off every bug floating around. But this is also good if you suffer from a deficiently, it also promotes bone, teeth & muscle health).
🌹Valerian Root (I take one in the morning & 4 at night before bed. This is used to help combat anxiety but also to aid in restful sleep so I had to learn what dosage was good for me so that I could benefit from the calm (combat anxiety) but not be drowsy during the day & then gain all the benefits at night from taking a higher dosage to help me sleep better).
🌹St John’s Wart (this is a natural Paxil or Lexapro. I refuse to take anti depressants, they do not work for me in the sense that they had the adverse reaction making me more depressed as well as make me gain weight. Who wouldn’t be depressed about that!? No thank you! 😉).

A couple other things I take throughout the week r add in at night are…
🌹Fish oil (supports heart & circulatory health)
🌹Melatonin (helps regulate your sleep patterns to get your ‘clock’ back to normal).

Cheers to good health the holistic way!
Love to you all ❤Trish

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